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A Massive Multiplayer Roleplaying Game set in Space

In the Year 2244, humanity came upon its future self.

The same year the Earth became an uninhabitable wasteland, utterly destroyed during the period which would later come to be known as the Ascension.

A few brave souls, helped greatly by their saviors from the future, left Earth's decimated surface and took to the stars.

This is their story.

Hunt, or farm. Fight, or heal. Build, or conquer. Join hundreds of players in a free, browser-based world.
"The temporal distortion device was still beyond our level of understanding. Somehow, a small team of humans had come back from the future to save us. Of course, they weren't the only thing that came back." - Capt. Richard Stoddard, 1st Marine Corps

Latest Updates
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Character creation has been removed. Currently LightRising is open only to existing players.

It is unlikely to re-open as I'm currently working on multiple new projects, but... never say never.

Thank you to all that have played over the years. - Anthor